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Integrative Veterinary Rehabilitation and Sports Medicine



Name: Lila Belle (named Lila afer Snoopy’s first owner)

Age: 11-12 years young

Diagnosis: Mostly Lila has arthritis. Her lumbar spine is fused with arthritis, one vertebrae in her neck is fused, and she has some in one of her elbows. She also has some shoulder tightness and soreness

Favorite Modality: Acupuncture with cookies!

Goals from IVRSM: To grow old gracefully and as in much comfort as possible in my senior years, to continue to go for walks and chase squirrels. Also to get more cookies

Favorite hobbies: belly rubs, long walks with my mommy, hunting squirrels, rolling in the grass, howling at fire trucks, staring down squirrels in the tree until they drop dead (happened), digging holes in the yard to sit my butt in (butt holes!), helping my mommy foster puppies, contemplating the meaning of life, napping, eating anything tasty (chicken, steak, carrots, eggs, string cheese), and letting my mommy tell me how beautiful I am, how much she loves me, and how lucky she is that she found me and my "brother" at the shelter.